The Revelation came and went, but it wasn't the end of all things. It wasn't even as encompassing as advertised. The Earth was still spinning, most of it untouched, when the battle ended. Mankind was still alive. There was still electricity, and cars, and music, and all the other things that came with civilization. There were still jobs to do and things to invent. Children still went to school, grew up, got married, and had families. People continued to be born, although what happened after death was in question.

Since the Events of Pittsburgh, mankind found itself as religiously confused as he'd ever been. If the Final Battle had truly happened, and man still existed, then where was God? Was God still here? Did It leave? Did the rapture happen and if that were the case, were the billions of people still left on Earth damned? Maybe God was still around, but working out the planet's next iteration.

Some people had their faith strengthened by the Events. Others had theirs destroyed. The vast majority were the same as they'd ever been. They thought there might be something out there, but right now they had to go to work so they could feed their family. The one thing no one disagreed on, however, was the existence of monsters.

Humans weren't the only ones that survived. When the dust settled on the Events, the surviving beasts and beings from Hell and other planes found themselves trapped with humans in the physical realm.

Some were lucky. Some were able to blend in with society. They took regular jobs and lived out their days. 

Many joined sideshow, which had seen a resurgence in popularity. One forward-thinking entrepreneur even managed to put together an entire circus full of creatures from the other planes. They toured the world astounding and horrifying.

The lesser beasts were hunted, caged, and studied, but they couldn't be contained. They escaped the city, through the rivers and through the woods. They proliferated and spread out. Of those that went south, some found a trio of mountains that had escaped the Appalachian range--mountains surrounded by plains. And some of the creatures that found the mountains settled there and infested them.

The Rogue Mountains, as they were called, cradled the small hunting and farming town of Dunkard, Pennsylvania. Miles from any highway, Dunkard had one main road, a hotel, a general store, and not much else.

This story begins 23 years after the Events of Pittsburgh, 22 years after the creatures found the Rogue Mountains, and 21 years after Ariana Coleman was born.