The biblical apocalypse came and went and it wasn't as big a deal as everyone expected.

When the battle was over, there were survivors from all sides left on earth. Some of the surviving monsters found and infested a trio of mountains in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

For 20 years the people of Dunkard, the small town nestled in the  mountains, have been getting by with no small amount of hardship.

The beginning of the story introduces us to Del Ballantine,  professional monster hunter, whose goal is to wipe every last hell beast  from the earth and return the planet to the way it was before the  "invasive species." He quickly learns he'll have his work cut out for  him since one mountain is spelled by the witch who inhabits it, and  another is home to a primordial creature that only one man has lived to  see... but that man's insane now. 

We also meet Jeremy, Ariana,  and Reggie, three 20-something bandmates. The former two are feeling  frustrated, stagnant, and stuck. The latter is content to go wherever  the flow takes him.

Along the way we encounter the jovial general  store owner and his humorless son, a swarthy world adventurer, a  no-nonsense hotel owner, a curmudgeony taxidermist and his inexplicably  young and beautiful wife, wood devils, shug monkeys, chupacabra, creeps,  hell vultures, hunner dyers, a witch, a cave worm, and of course, Jessica. 

The whole story revolves around the question of nature and what exactly man's and/or monster's place is in it.